Project Description

The project

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Location: 764 Colombo St, Christchurch

Project Client: VHSH Christchurch Ltd

Sector: Accommodation

Project Period:  2014 – 2016

Compliance Method: NZBC C/AS2, CAS4 and C/AS5

The brief

This existing 18-storey building in central Christchurch is undergoing a change of use, with crowd spaces on the first two levels. The ground floor includes a lobby with reception, a bar and restaurant, general store, and supporting facilities. The first floor includes a dining area, function room, meeting rooms, and supporting facilities. The second floor includes hotel rooms, offices and supporting facilities. Floors three to 17 include hotel rooms, housekeeping, and a mechanical room. The 18th floor includes hotel rooms and a function room.

The solution

The building is designed under NZBC Acceptable Solutions C/AS2, C/AS4 and C/AS5 for accommodation, retails and offices. During the design process, discussion and pre-agreement with IHG are necessary in terms of the different fire safety requirements between IHG and NZBC. Therefore additional fire safety features have been included, in addition to the NZBC requirement to satisfy IHG international requirements.