Project Description

The project

MBIE – regulatory consultancy

Project Client: MBIE, New Zealand Government

Sector: Government

Project Period: 2013 -2014

Compliance Method: C/AS1, C/AS7 and C/VM2

The brief

Olsson Fire & Risk was engaged to confirm amendments to supporting documents C/AS1 to C/AS7 and C/VM2 made in December 2013 and to propose further amendments to the same suite of documents. We provided the technical leadership in the development program as a result of past experience and competence in the development of regulatory material.

The solution

The project is ongoing, with the final phase post-consultation leading to publication by the end of the second quarter of 2014. Project management and chairmanship of Working Group was required to amend supporting documents to New Zealand Building Code C (Protection from Fire) Clauses. Olsson Fire & Risk also provided technical leadership and input to the development of amendments to Commentary documents to C/AS and C/VM2Regulation development.