Project Description

University of Wollongong Student Accommodation

The project

Wollongong University student accommodation

Location: 2 Northfields Avenue, Keiraville NSW

Client: Hutchinson Builders

Sector: Education

Period: November 2014 – present

Value: Northfields: AU$30m; Kooloobong: AU$70m

The brief

The UoW project consists of two BCA Class 3 – Student accommodation developments: Northfields and Kooloobong. The Northfields Student Accommodation facility comprises a six-storey (part seven-storey) building, with 261 beds, Kooloobong, on the other hand, comprises three eight-storey (part seven-storey) buildings, with 802 beds. Both developments include communal area and courtyard, on site carparking, landscaping and site infrastructure works. Each of the two sites had separate DAs and were programmed for staged completion with a difference of six months. Two reports were required, as well as two submissions to FRNSW and two sets of final inspections.

The solution

The assessment included extended travel distances in public corridors, revision of bounding construction to cluster apartments, discharge from fire-isolated stairs within 6m unprotected openings, location of the hydrant booster and removal of sprinklers to the bathrooms with an area less than 2.5 m2.